It gives us great pride to launch our new project, The Character Creation of the Higashimatsushima Blue Impulse “Hero “. This project will give birth to the “Hero” character who will carry the hopes and dreams of our children, who in turn will carry our future generations. Before the March 11th, 2011 earthquake devastation, the Blue Impulse was part of the aerobatic team, belonging to the Self Defense Air Force based in Higashimatsushima, and was very warmly cherished by everyone. Based upon the image of the Blue Impulse, we are now actively calling for character designs to represent our new “Hero”. Everyone is welcome to apply in which your impressive character design may come to represent one of the most popular and respected characters in Japanese society.

What is the Blue Impulse?


The Blue Impulse is one of the most magnificent aerobatic display teams in the world. Through air shows and national and ceremonial events to promote Japan's Air Self Defense Force (JASDF), it has become very well known to the public.
Under the JASDF 4th Air Wing located at the Matsushima air base in Miyagi prefecture, the team’s official name is the “11th Squadron”. The team includes six aircrafts painted in blue and white consisting of absolutely impeccable team acrobats, as well as solo performers who will “blow your mind”. Watching the team displays at first sight definitely “wows” all audiences by their incredible dream shows. Their elegant and perfect formations have been highly recognized domestically and worldwide. The Blue Impulse continuously aims to be the highest in superior achievement and offer all nations “Sensational Visual Dreams” through their beautiful aerobatic artwork.

The March 11 Devastation.

As you are all aware, a great earthquake, which occurs once in every 1,000 years, hit the northern part of Honshu island on March 11, 2011 at 14:46. This unprecedented devastation created 40,000 victims and deprived 16,000 of their precious lives, with thousands of people still missing. Along with the disaster of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, there are still huge numbers of people who are unable to return to their hometowns and who are forced to live under temporary living conditions. It is obvious that it will take many years to rebuild the area and for everyone to resume a normal life.

Background of the new character creation.

On March 11, 2011, the Tohoku region of Japan was hit by an unprecedented earthquake that no one could have ever imagined. The abominable tsunami that subsequently hit the coast, consumed thousands of innocent souls, leaving bodies and a heap of rubble. Tragically, the only thing we could do was to watch.

Is everyone okay?
What are we supposed to do now?
It took time to accept the reality of the situation.
Under these tragic circumstances, victims helped each other to stay warm in the severe cold weather, sharing limited supply of food and drinks and received support and relief aid from volunteers and the world. It was felt that these heart-warming actions certainly united the nations worldwide.

There were many people who struggled desperately to find a way to survive and help each other. “It’s okay” were the words that many people said to their children, with an encouraging smile no matter how tough and stressful they had been working. It’s the little things that we do in our every day lives that relieved so much pain for the exhausted victims.

It was felt that with the tsunami and earthquake destroying everything, holding the traditional annual summer festival would be far too difficult. However, it was successfully held on August 20, 2011 with the catch phrase of “Arigato = Thank You”. HIGASHIMATSUSHIMA GENKI FESTA. Having the “Hero” playing a big roll at the big opening ceremony.

“The Blue Impulse”.

“The Blue Impulse is back!”. The cheering echoed throughout the city with everyone so happy to see the “Hero”. The “Hero’s” performance definitely gave people the power to recover and rebuild their hometowns.

There is always the person who will stand up, deal with the facts and break through the obstacles to offer us hope. We call them “Heroes” and “Heroines”.

Surely in our childhood years we have all dreamed about heroes like superman with special powers. But once we became adults we don’t believe in them anymore and feel there’s no such thing. On the contrary, the March 11, 2011 disasters clearly revealed that there are truly many “Heroes” and Heroines.

The mission of this project will be to create the “Hero” to fight and fly with a vision for a healthy and strong recovery that honors the child victims.


The “Hero” will be the symbol of the recovery being expressed from Higashimatsushima, Tohoku to the world.



Application Information

It is an open design competition. Any style of art technique will be welcome. The design must be in color.
A character needs to be consistent with the image of Blue Impulse.

A design of outfit is needed. An artwork must be included a total body of a character.

Application Guidline

The design competition is open to everyone (regardless of age, nationality, being a pro or amateur).
You can submit as many designs as you desire (designs will not be returned).

Mailing Address and E-mail address

Please submit your design by mail or e-mail.
Mailing address : 29 Yamotokawato, Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture 981-0503 Japan
Email address : bic_q@socialimagine.com
An attached file must be under 2MB and sent in a JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, or PDF format.

Due Date

August 20, 2012.


All Designs will be evaluated by committee.

Result Announcement

Result announcement;
An announcement for the design winner will be made at the Summer Festival on August 25, 2012.

Additional Requirements

  • It must be your own original design and must be unpublished.
    If it is already in use or similar to an existing design, it will not be accepted.
  • Your design will not be returned.
  • Since the design is considered a donation for charity purposes, there is no reward.
  • The character will be in shown in print, on signs , and on billboards. The copyright will be registered under normal procedures.
  • Any illegal activity associated with the winning design will disqualify it.
  • The privacy of all applicants will be assured.
  • As the design is classified as a donation for a charity organization, the copyright of the design will belong to "Socialimagines".
  • All revenue generated by the design will be donated to "Socialimagine".
  • "Socialimagine" and the citizens of HIGASHIMATSUSHIMA will collaborate on the planning of this project.